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Ynys-y-Fro Reservoir

Ynys-y-Fro top pond has been stocked for the new season and is presently open for fishing. The reservoir is fishing well at the moment with some very good fish being caught. Jeff Wilson took a huge rainbow trout (estimated weight at least 6lb) on Tuesday 17th March. A photo has been posted on the Gallery section. Jeff has been fishing there all week and has caught several fish during each outing. Keith Higgins has also had some bag limits recently. Some very big fish have been stocked over the last two weeks but the Committee have decided on a new rule - all fish over 3lb in weight MUST be returned alive they say for the benefit of other anglers to catch (!) This does make entering the Troutmasters competition rather difficult. Please note, Anglers are requested to 'sanitise' their hands BEFORE entering the fishing hut to sign in but sanitizer is not provided at the fishery. If anglers do not have hand sanitizer (i.e alcohol hand gel) with them they should wash their hands with soap and water in the Portaloo at the site before signing in.

Ynys-y-Fro Reservoir
Saturday 21st March, 2020
Ynys-Y-Fro Reservoir